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Action Tea

Action Tea

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This is the real deal. 
Drink this tea only when you're ready to work. And we mean work hard. 
This is the finest blend of Green and Black tea, mixed with a bit of Ginseng and Yerba Mate. 
It tastes like Nana's Peppermint tea, but makes you work harder than the ants in your garden.
Time to #ditchcoffee.
Tea Delivery: 
You will get one tea tin with 20 tea sachets. Weight: 4oz. or 113g 
Peppermint Leaves, Ginseng, Yerba Mate, Gunpowder Green Tea, Bambarakelle Black Tea, Stevia
- Get a cup and some hot water
- Add 1 Action Tea sachet
- Let it sit for 3 min. 
- Drink it and crush it.
"I'm an undergrad business student but caffeine in coffee began to give me abdominal cramps, so that I couldn't drink more than a sip without pain. So, I turned to tea. This product is a huge game changer for my productivity." - Sam L.
"Honestly the first time I’ve felt a drink’s effects in a long time (and I drink a lot of caffeine)" - Joey B. 
" I love it. Action Tea gave me an energy boost and had a very balanced
flavor. Often high caffeinated tea tastes a bit bitter, but the flavor you
mixed together is great. I like how the peppermint doesn't overwhelm the
whole flavor too. Good stuff." - Joseph L. 
"...the taste is perfect! And get this, I usually hate mint tea!" - Darrin J. 
"I love the flavor. Sometimes I need a break from coffee so this tea is great for that" - Ed S. 

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